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  • Website design and build for Zenith Dental

Website design and build for Zenith Dental

by Wayne Hooper

Zenith Cosmetic Clinic were opening a separate clinic in Nottingham for their dental treatments and required a new website to show the types of treatments they offered and the dentists they have.

The design process of the website was very important as the site needed to look welcoming and professional. Once the client was happy with the design the content had be be informative and, more importantly, re-assuring due to potential patients being nervous of the procedure.

The website was built using our favoured CMS Perch, which allows us to code the website how we want and then add the client editing function to our coding. A responsive build allowed us to ensure the mobile and tablet viewing was applied from the start, rather than an added afterthought.

After launch of the site there will be constant additions: a blog, patient reviews and videos (treatment and patient) keeping the future of the website fresh with content.

Click here to view the site.