A new look for Baxters Haulage

A new look for Baxters Haulage

by Iain Pendery

With the recycling industry going through a lot of changes in recent years, Baxters Haulage felt it was time to modernise their own image to further enhance their services in this fast moving market.

We started, as we always do, by creating a number of rough options which we then refine down to 3 or 4 usable logos. These were then presented, along with a proposed colour scheme to the client. Initial reactions were positive, and a favourite was chosen, which we further refined in order to arrive at the finished logo.

Then, as with many of our jobs, what started out as a relatively straightforward task then took a new twist when we learnt that the final logo also needed to be incorporated onto a new truck with a view to updating the existing fleet at a later date.

This wasn’t a problem, as all our artwork is vector drawn so can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. The biggest challenge was finalising a design that would work on many makes of truck which all have slightly different panels. After a lot of head scratching and testing, we finally came up with a universal design that the customer was delighted with.

Focus has now shifted to their corporate website and stationery. Updates to follow.

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