Why we use Perch CMS by edgeofmyseat.com

Why we use Perch CMS by edgeofmyseat.com

by Wayne Hooper

Every web design agency has their preference of CMS (Content Management System), whether it’s down to the job it suits or the person coding it.

So why do we use Perch as our preferred CMS? The answer can be split into 3 reasons;

It suits our coding.

By this, I mean it allows us to code the website how we want to and then add Perch tags to our pages, allowing content to be added using templates that we’ve created. This gives us a complete bespoke build, so if something isn’t quite working on a page we can revisit it and recode it. A much simpler and cleaner way to build a website, rather than using a CMS where you are forever hacking away at unnecessary templates, widgets and code.

A CMS in safe hands

Perch is constantly updating in both features and security, which gives us the ability to build whatever the client requires. This ranges from a blog app (which I am currently using now), an events app, membership app and more recently a full e-commerce app. Plus there are multiple ways of implementing fields like youtube, twitter etc.

The company gives me the confidence that I can use this CMS in the future, knowing that it will be updated and looked after.

Finally, it suits our clients

We’ve had many clients come to us after a difficult and confusing time trying to edit their site, to the point that they have been put off having a CMS site. We explain the way Perch is easier to edit, showing a video or online demo if required. All of our Perch clients have commented how they actually enjoy updating their content, encouraging them to update it more frequently, which we all know is an important factor in a site’s google ranking. We get our clients involved in adding content during the build of the site so they become used to how it works, plus we supply screen videos (if required) for future edits.

So when Full Fat Designs builds your site you know it’s a bespoke build, with the CMS future in mind and an easy-to-edit admin section.

A selection of some of our recent Perch builds;

Zenith Cosmetic Clinics


Talent Finders




Premier Logistics


GenX http://genx.media

Studio5 http://studio5beauty.co.uk

To find out more about Perch CMS, visit their website

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