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Following our recent print design work for Clinisept+ and with their current website needing a refresh, they asked us to update the site to the same high standard we deliver for their print work.

The desired look needed to have a welcoming Aesthetic feel as their current website had a cold clinical look. We also wanted to ensure it didn’t discriminate, so chose a selection of images encompassing a range of ages, genders and ethnic groups. As the client will be sending newsletters in the future, the website now links to their MailChimp account to gather email addresses.

The client was very happy with the website and is now proud to be able to advertise it as a way to promote their products.

As well as an Aesthetics website there will be Dental and Podiatry versions in the website family, so a landing page was required. This acts as a way for users to get to the relevant products quickly.

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